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2013-01-11 03:56 pm
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[DW] Dear_Mun Post 002.

I suppose that pathetic little attempt was meant to be me? It is something, I suppose, to be remembered and cast however roughly correctly but that oik was nothing to what he should have been. Why cast someone to play myself and then give him no lines, and only have him ... stand around?

It is one over on the 25th, I suppose, at least I was the right age here. 

And my Éponine, giving her life for some ... student. Tcah. She would know better 
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2012-12-16 01:53 pm
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[DW] Dear_Mun Post 001.

Well, it's taken you a while
But then you always feared what was in that darkest part of your mind now, didn't you? Dear Mlle. Mundane. Heh. How trivial it sounds. As if that came close to describing our ... relationship.

But what about my little flower? Shall we find her in this ever growing world of yours? I would so hate for her to be ... lonely.